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[fade]In an era defined by increasing transparency and decreasing trust, brands must do more than just sell. They have to prove they want you as a customer. They have to prove it at every step in the customer journey.[/fade]

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[fade]Traditionally, advertising has been about changing perceptions and behaviors in order to make people want to buy a product or service. Before the advent of digital, marketers had ways they could more easily influence sales and share their story or value proposition on their own terms.[/fade]

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[fade]At Wunderman, we wanted to understand how this shift was impacting consumers and how we could help our clients navigate this new world of accountability.[/fade]

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[fade]In the Fall of 2016, we commissioned a study by Penn Schoen Berland that surveyed 1,000 people each in the United States and United Kingdom, ranging in age from 18-65. The results – largely consistent across generations, gender and geography – helped us uncover a new concept for marketers: Wantedness.[/fade]

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[fade]Do you have what it takes to demonstrate Wantedness? Then you have to be ready to go beyond the expected for customers every day. You have to pick one thing you can own, just one, and set a new standard. Be the best at that one thing and bend over backwards to demonstrate that you truly want a consumer’s business.[/fade]

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Use a rigorous analysis of data to get to know people on an individual basis. Who are they? What are their behaviors? Where do they spend their time?[/fade]

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Place these insights into context. How are consumers living their lives, what are their issues, challenges, and their deepest desires? Then provide value by crafting and delivering the messages and experiences they need right when they need them.[/fade]

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Set a vision for becoming a wanted brand for your existing and your future customers. Don’t create a product and then allow a vision to grow out of it. Put a stake in the ground and drive towards it.[/fade]

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The degree to which a brand proves their commitment to earning a customer’s business across every touchpoint and throughout the entire path to purchase.